Handcrafted, unique one-of-a-kind silk scarves and women's clothing.

All of my creations are hand painted using a variety of techniques which reveal my diversity of styles and designs. This ensures that each uniquely crafted piece is one of a kind.  Growing up in Africa has certainly influenced my concepts in design and color and gives me much pleasure to share this with you through my work.  I offer a wide variety of silk scarves, tops and jackets for every season, and occasion.  

The Unique Artwear line is created by Textile Design By Heather.


I am a textile designer and artist from Zimbabwe, currently residing in Mocksville, NC. I hand paint with many different methods, such as Batik, Shibori, tray dying, salt and watercolor applications. All items start out as a white blank canvas!

The Batik method is the application of melted wax, which resists dyes, resulting in the motifs and design. The wax is then carefully removed with heat.

Shibori and Tray Dying is a process of folding, pleating and scrunching during dye applications.

All of my creations are unique and one of a kind so no two are exactly alike. Any minor imperfections are part of all the handcrafted processes, which indicates the authenticity of this garment.